Building a 'Skilled' networked Canada

Connecting Canadians to an ecosystem that supports individual variables for achieving skills-to-employment opportunities.


Sustainable Development Goal 4 is about quality education and is among the 17 Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations in September 2015. The full title of SDG 4 is "Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities. SDG 4 is the foundation of all other SDGs and to create employable opportunities for different individuals there must be a collaboration through one system where all stakeholders (educators, employers, support partners, government) can support each part of a student’s journey to the benefit of the whole solution for employment. This could include being able to support learning disabilities, afford-ability, mental health, flexible learning schedules, coaching / guidance, career exploration, skills development and more, with each partner’s willingness to share a student’s progress, provide feedback and recommendations so that the other supporting partners would have visibility on how their contributions would add to the total value of the student’s growth.

Skills network for Canadians

Skills Council of Canada is working to achieve a collected network of skills resources, partners and stakeholders in a student's success. To achieve this network, it requires continually promoting the value of working together.

We do not need to be working so hard to move forward. Working together enables us to overcome all barriers.

Share resources with individulized structures

We help individuals and organizations of any size, be able to provide skills development to their communities, their customers, and their partners, all through one integrated platform. We take a complex network of partners, content, and systems, brought together so that our partners can focus on their people instead of paper, process, and technology.