A Student's Apprenticeship Journey

Students will be taken through a development journey to apprenticeship opportunities. Their journey will include exploring careers, completing assessments, skills development, job preparation, personal mentoring and more.

"A student's apprenticeship programs...

... need to align with employer requirements, support partners, and expectations of the student. Taking a step-by-step approach with students to guide them along their trade's journey ensuring they understand the scope of work and efforts.

How our CSE program supports Students

Skills Council of Canada's CSE team we will work with students to determine their personal and professional requirements, barriers and align them with the right support they need to be successful in acheiving apprenticeship.

Exploring the Trades

Working with multitple partners, CSE is focus on making available support student's in need due to learning disabilities, afford-ability issues, mental health, limited learning schedules, requiring coaching, guidance, career exploration, skills development and more.

Career Development

The CSE is being built in collaboration with a network of partners. The ecosystem design is so that the scope of skills, barriers, and individual variables could be overcome, by providing an equal scope of support services from entire industries, collectively made up of partners.

Your Support Team

The entire purose of the CSE is to support students in their efforts to acheive apprenticeship. Students will recieve the value of our partner added to support each student's needs. The selection of partners for a student, is dependent on the students individual needs.

Collaborative Support Ecosystem (CSE) - Student

This is a demo of the prototype that is currently being development to support students interested in the trades. As part of this process, we will be working with partners to incorporate their support details. The goal of the CSE is to achieve job ready apprentices by supporting students wtih the right resources when and if they are needed.

Are you interested in apprenticeship?

If you are interested in a career in the trades, we would like to hear from you. Lets connect and start the process to determine if we can include you in our Skills-To-Employment CSE Apprenticeship program!

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