Coast-to-Coast Clean Energy Challenge

Clean Energy Challenge

Canada has committed to achieving Net-Zero emissions by 2050. Given the scale of this challenge, the changes to our technology, infrastructure, economy, and social structure will be profound.Meeting the greatest challenge of our lifetimes will require leveraging technology we already have, developing technology we don’t, and implementing change in the spirit of social justice for all.

Lets work together to make good things happen!

To get to zero carbon emissions

The Coast-to-Coast Clean Energy Challenge seeks to tackle the problems facing each province on the path to zero carbon emissions. In teams, participants will choose a problem statement from the one of themes outlined.

Tackling the problems

Theme 1 – Meeting the future energy demand with the right mix of clean energy sources.

Theme 2 – Building broad public support and education for the clean energy transition.

Theme 3 –  Bridging the gap in skills, technology, and     policy.      

Moving the agenda forward

The team is working to launch this challenge in earily 2022.

The framework for the website, video details have been developing. The team is working to bring together the right indigenous partners to ensure the concept is being developed in collaboration as partners on this importent initiative.


Working with corporate and Indigenous partners to open up collaborative opportunities. Many more partners are in discussions about being part of this challenge.

Join the team

If you are interested in becoming part of a team passionate focused on making a positive difference in the lives of others, you might be right for this project!

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Seeking to tackle the problems facing each province!

We believe that nuclear energy is key in fighting the climate crisis. We are doing our part to make nuclear more cost effective by integrating modern tools and technologies into the way we operate nuclear plants.We stay ahead of tech trends, experimenting with proof-of-concepts, piloting projects and deploying high quality solutions and experiences

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