Gitpo Spirit Lodge is working to provide peer support between generations

A place of well-being

Gitpo SpiritLodge is a holistic wellness center focused on the well-being of men and boys in the Eel Ground first nation and broader communities. Best practices for indigenous wellness involve a range of services from main stream healthcare to traditional practices and medicines, all under community leadership and control. Get both Spirit Lodge provides a safe environment supporting traditional practices for community  members to promote mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. Wellness is the determinant of inclusion and contribution to the quality of life for the individual and for the community at large. Wellness supports self-determination and economic prosperity.

Together for better future

“We must look at Canada as a village, and contribute as much as we can to be leaders within our communities,” Augustine says. “Through friendship gatherings, the many cultures that call this land home celebrate each other. This collective spirit of peace and friendship reminds us that, when the drums begin to beat, we all march together.” Chief Roger Augustine

About Gitpo Spirit Lodge

Gitpo Spirit Lodge is a concept by AFN Regional Chief Roger Augustine. The plan is to develop a national men’s wellness facility with locations serving the Atlantic, Western and Pacific regions. Many men (Boys to Men) have lived with various issues that affect their ability to function in their own First Nations, with the goal to develop them to become respected leaders and elders of the community.“Gitpo” is the Mi’gmaq word for Eagle. The Eagle is the symbol of one of the seven traditional teachings of the Mi’qmag people

Always moving forward

We have had the opportunty to visit Gitpo Spirit Lodge on several occasions on Natoaganeg (Eel Ground) First Nation located in New Brunswick. During our visits, we were welcomed with open arms, we shared in meals together, drumming together, discussions about life, each other, families, traditions and also even building a sweat lodge together.

There are no timelines when surrounded by friends. We will continue working to support Gitpo Spirit Lodge, their communities and friends that we make together.

International Collaboration

Working with corporate and Indigenous partners to open up collaborative opportunities.

Join the Gitpo family

If you are interested in visiting Gitpo Spirit Lodge and learning about Indigneous Culture, history as so much more, lets connect.

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teachings of Mi'gmaq culture, history, langauge & unity for all peoples

The focus at the spirit lodge is on offering a sense of peer support between different generations in each activity, from boys to elders.It has a cultural group that teaches Mi’gmaq singing and drumming, led by an elder who also teaches the language during sessions.Non-Indigenous people from surrounding communities are also welcome to come and participate.

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