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Skills Council of Canada's skills development ecosystem has focused on how to support entire industries, reach anyone anywhere, ensure access is affordable and assessible, enable customizations to meet the needs of each unique partner and be an open collaborative model that is inclusive and flexible.

Learning Managment System

Over 70,000 teams globally are using this state of the art LMS and one of the main reasons we have partnered wtih TalentLMS.

The verdict is in, the LMS outranks the most popular learning management systems on the market right now. In 2021, users named it a leader in satisfaction, while the major comparison website, G2, placed it at the top of the momentum leaders list.

Skills Council of Canada's vision has always been to leverage state of the art technologies, then adding innovation to support industries who do not have the capabilities, capacity or funding to otherwise access the most advanced learning management systems.

The LMS is a cloud-based system that is hosted on AWS within the territories the service is being provided.

A Robust System

Content creation and management: Content creation tool, Content management, File storage, Course builder, Course catalog, Course categories, Drip content, Bulk actions, Learning paths, Course prerequisites, Time limits, Course and unit cloning, Unlimited courses.

User management and authentication:
Unlimited admins, Multi-tenancy (Branches) Unlimited, Groups, Custom user types / roles, Unlimited Extensible profiles, Import / export functions, Self-registration, Self-registration + admin confirmation, Manual account setup by admin, Single Sign-on.

Customization: Custom branding, Custom themes, Custom homepage,Custom Certificates, Custom gamification rules, Custom badges, CSS / HTML / JavaScript editor, Email white-labeling, Custom admin, automations, Custom email notifications.

Assessments: Assignment developer,Test builder, Survey builde, Question repository, Import questions in GIFT/AIKEN format.

Reporting and tracking: Real-time reports, Custom reports, Data visualization Dashboards, Infographics, Report scheduling, Certification management.

Content Types: Documents (incl. PDFs, Presentations / PPT, Word, Excel, etc.), Video, Audio, iFrame, SCORM 1.2, 3xAPIm cmi5, Record audio & video from browser, Document converter, Video/audio converter.

Gamificaiton: Badges, Levels, Points, Rewards, Leaderboards.

Socal and Collaboration: Discussion boards, Messages, Videoconference support, Announcements, Course rating, Calendar, Scheduling engine.

Security: SSL certificate / HTTP, Password strength checker, Restrict registration to specific domains, User permissions, Prevent simultaneous logins, Retain ownership over your content, GDPR-friendly.

Learning delivery:
Blended learning, Instructor-led training / Synchronous learning, Asynchronous learning.

Accessibility: Desktop, Native iOS app (Online / Offline accessibility), Native Android app (Online / Offline accessibility).

Deployment: Cloud-based

Complexity made simple

Most organizations that purchase a LMS, fail to acheive their learning objectives usually due to under estimating the significant work involved in all aspects of the skills ecosystem.

Skills Council of Canada's leadership over the last decade has been building solutions that can simiply our partners efforts and enable them to focus on their people, rather then on the complexity of the skills ecosystem. This innovation has included bringing together all aspects of skills development into one platform. View the model here to better understand the level of efforts or the video below.

Pre-Loaded Library

The transformation of the digital world has had an impact on an increasing number of new job roles being introduced across Canada and all Industries.

With so many industries, each having their own skill requirements, the only way to support individual learning in one system, is to bring together a managed system pre-loaded with content across categories and skill levels. The challenge with this approach is that most content providers are too expensive for such a model.

Skills Council of Canada and our network of partners are focused on ensuring that each person’s unique skills development journey from essential skills, soft skills, technical skills, can be  properly supported.

Before assigning any content, it is best to take an assessment to determine where the skills gaps are. Those results would then provide giudeance to the content required to enhance skills.

As each organization that works with us has their own experiences, knowledge and possible libraries of content, we are always open to adding more content into the platform so that we can all collectively support each others skils advancements.

Assessments: 1,400+ (Job role, Subject, Modular)

4,000+ (200+ categories)

Types of Content:
Videos, content, SCORM packages, Quizes, surveys, documents. Virtual Reality coming soon!

Affordable first!

Our model is very simple.

Free access

2,500 courses are made available for free. These courses are curated from sources that are supportive of a freeium model. Access free library here

$19.95 per month

1) Full access to the Learning Management System
2) Full access to the 4,000+ library of content

Pay only when you consume

Even though you are registered in the LMS, you are only charged a monthly fee if you consume content. If you do not consume content you do not get charged.


Each assessment you take on the plaform is $4.00

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