Skill-To-Employment Collaborative Support Ecosystem (CSE) Apprenticeship Prototype

As part of the development phase, the CSE prototype is being provided to our partners, development team, and employers with the opportunity to give feedback, comments, suggestions, and recommendations on how to make the total solution achieve the best outcomes for the student and the employers. Click on the images to launch our AI-Powered Avatar Tutorials and learn more!

Student Portal - Prototype

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The Journey

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Employer and Partner Portals - Prototype

An Integrated Solution

A student's journey to apprenticeship is not an easy task for every individual. There are many variables and barriers that one must be supported to achieve alignment with an employer's requirements. The solution, while seemingly simple, requires a network of partners, all collaborating together to support the student. These models illustrate the high-level structure and process.

The Core Partner Team

The CSE is a program that is built on collaboration. The only way to solve for individual variables and barriers is through a large scope of partnerships. By leveraging their expertise, their internal capabilities and capacities, their experiences, their networks, and through the integration of their products and services, we will be able to support a student's successful journey to apprenticeship.
Integrating into the CSE will enable connection of tutors, coaches, counsilors, trade mentors, subject matter experts, learning specialists and more.
Will be integrated into the CSE, enabling connection of inspiration, exploration, and more skills resources to support trades and career development.
Working with the university, the program will pull in students to support customization of the system to achieve intelligent individual career mapping.
Working to provide equal opportunities for indigenous people to participate in Ontario's economy while maintaining their culture and family structures.
Providing access to currated skills courses including tutorials, microlearning, videos, and SCORM programs across 200+ categories.
The Aboriginal Apprenticeship Board of Ontario (AABO) is dedicated to increasing the number of Aboriginal people in the trades in Ontario.
With a focus on respectful cooperation and collaboration amongst First Nations, Indigenous peoples and organizations, private sector and industry.
Integrating pre-employment assessment, skills testing, behavioral assessment, cognitive aptitute, video response questions, and more.
A robust skills development platform (LMS)that will be integrated to help individuals grow their capacity. Over 70,000 teams globally use TalentLMS.
Job Bank helps Canadians find work and plan their careers, and we make it easier for employers to recruit and hire across the country.
11,000 members who work in a variety of electrical disciplines and who work across central Ontario, spanning from Toronto to Peterborough to Parry Sound.
Working with Fortune 500 companies and workforce development organizations providing AI-powered backend
tools for navigating careers.

Interactive CSE Prototype

The CSE is a development prototype used to share vision, concept and scope. The elements of interactive demo are incomplete, as they are not required to showcase full functionality. Over the course of the next month, the structure, processes, and alignment of industry market data, combined with partner feedback, and employer requirements, will help frame out the final solution for development.