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Collaborative Support Ecosystem Program

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Work Integrated Learning (WIL)

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Our Partners

BIPOC Communities, Not-For-Profits, Employment Centres, and Social Impact Projects

We support Black, Indigenous and People of Colour communities, businesses, training centers and leaders in partnership for change. We work with not-for-profit organizations who service individuals in need of access to affordable skills development resources and well-being programs. We partner with employment centers in providing access to learning resources needed to accommodate their limited budgets, limited capabilities, and who still require state of the art technology and a growing library of skill gap assessments and content. We also collaborate with Indigenous leaders on innovative projects and solutions related to wellness, water access, clean energy, and advancement of history, culture awareness, inclusion, and equitable opportunities.

Our Collaborative Support Ecosystem (CSE) Program

Funded by the Ontario Government, the CSE Apprenticeship program will guide students through thier customized journey to employment.

Working together is the key

There is no one company that can support all individuals' requirements due to the significant personal, and professional variables/barriers that exist. The need for a CSE can support a lot of different individual variables in a manner that is seamless to their career development journey, as well as to the partners contributing, which will be a game changer for the skills industry.

With individuals having different career ambitions, educational backgrounds, personality types, skill levels, work behaviours, life experiences, work/life balance barriers, and the need for ongoing skills development for sustained employment, CSE will require many different levels of support and multitude of partners.

Our Services

We provide anything related to skills-to-employment services, technologies, and wrap around services and support.


We work to solve for a fragmented skills ecosystem to support individuals in developing the right skills, overcoming personal and professional barriers, and providing them with a pathway to employment opportunities.

Our Projects

We provide anything related to skills-to-employment services, technologies, and wrap around services and support.

Sustainable Development Goals

Our organization is building holistic integrated solutions that support Canada’s Sustainable Development Goals. Operating in collaboration with Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizations, SCC promotes: the development of good health / well-being, access to quality education and equal employment, gender equality, access to clean drinking water, affordable clean energy, decent work for economic growth, innovative technology ecosystems, infrastructure, reducing inequality, sustainable communities, and developing partnerships required to support these efforts.

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